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Wedding Traditions in Mexico

Dating/Courtship Traditions
religious customs
Dating/Customs Traditions
The wedding


     Dating,Courtship and Engagement Dating is the process of spending time with prospective partners to become acquainted. Dates may take place in groups or between just two individuals.People tend to date and marry people with whom they have characteristics in common. Characteristics that couples tend to share include race, ethinicity, religion, economic status, age and the level of prestige of their parents.
     The father needs to know the man first, then he will decide if he is a good man for his daughter or not. If they decided to marry, the man's parents had to go ask for the woman's hand. Then woman's parents put conditions on how they want the man to treat his daughter.And to put the date they want to get marry by the civil and church. The woman can not go out with friends if her fiance wasn't there to go with her.

     Courtship when dating may become more serious. Courtship implies a deeper level of commitment than dating does. During courtship the couples specifically contemplate marriage, rather than merely enjoy one another's company for the time being. Couples usually spend some period of time engaged before they marry. When a woman is engaged is called fiancee, and the man is known as the woman's fiance.

     Others customs for dating are these when dating a young man often meets the young woman at a prearranged place rather than picking her up at her home. But, first there must be a parental approval of the activity.In some rural areas, it is considered a mark of poor character for a young woman to go out alone after dark, so the man may call on her at home.