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Wedding Traditions in Mexico


religious customs
Dating/Customs Traditions
The wedding


The Reception where you go after the ceremony to eat, dance and have fun.

     The reception is always family oriented and festive. everyone is presumed to be invited. All the people who have or doesn't have invitations usually are welcomed in the repception. Sponsors for are usually god parents of special others who contribute to the coast of the wedding. In establishing the wedding budget, and particularly in contracting for wedding services, it is important to know which sponsors may be paying for what part of the wedding.

     When the bride and the groom arrives to the place that they rented for the fiest, they entered and all the people throw rice over them and wishes them a happy marriage. The rice that they throw means that they are always going to have food in their home. After that they offer different kinds of food to the attendants like, traditional foods which include spicy rice, beans, tortilla dishes, using chicken and beef. Sangria is served for beberage. It is a cold drink made from red wine or white wine mixed with brandy, sugar , fruit juice and soda water.

    At the end of the banquet the brides cut the cake where everyone receives a piece of the cake. then after the cake is cut the bride and the groom opens the dance dancing traditional music like salsa, merengue and flamenco guitar music add a latin flare to the reception.Also mariachi music which consists of trumpets, drums, guitars, as well as harps and violins.everyone dances till the reception is over then before the reception is over the bride open all the gifts that she received from the attendants like friends, family and friends.Then couple thank everyone for everything they helped.

    Couple return to the church to offer a bouquet to the virgin Mary and leaves it at the foot of the statue in order to thank her and ask her for a good life and for her blessing. This is a solemn moment at the end of everything .Couple receive the priest's blessings and that means everything is over except the honymoon.