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Wedding Traditions in Mexico


religious customs
Dating/Customs Traditions
The wedding


The honeymoon is a moment that will stay in your mind for ever.

     After everything is over couple say goodbye to their parents. They go in a car or limousine with beer bottles or something that make noise for everywhere. Couple are ready to go to their honeymoon, they decided where they want to go,usually all the people decided to go to a beautiful place like a beach.
                                                                                                                                Honeymoon vacations are a real story, even a fairy-tail, a sweet memory for both of you, so, couple have to try to  have such honemoon vacations, which they will remember  for the whole life and will tell your grand children about.
They also have to decide when they are going to return home. Usually they take a week. Their parents wait for them to return and start their own lives for ever.